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The Dwarves Adding New Game Modes


The Dwarves

King Art Games have released a new update for its game The Dwarves. Entirely free for owners of the game, the update adds a new "Challenge" section of play that introduces three new modes. The first is the Horde Mode, a wave-based fight where heroes must fight off round after round of increasingly-difficult enemies. The Time Challenge tests how quickly a player can destroy the selected enemies while the Chase Mode has the player pursuing an orc carrying a rucksack through enemy territory.

The game modes are available directly from the main menu and all of the game's fifteen characters can be unlocked for use in the modes. Other improvements with the patch include a new Very Easy difficulty, new achievements, improved performance, and additional graphical settings on PC, Mac, and Linux. The patch is also available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game sans extra graphical settings. Those interested in learning more about the base game can read Charalampos (Harry) Papadimitriou's review of the game here.

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