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Mac's Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Journey - Issue 8


Final Fantasy

This update is going to be quick. Between doctor's appointments and Tales of Berseria, I've not had much time for anything else. I did play a little bit more of Final Fantasy IX, so I will share a few more thoughts on this one.

If you want to catch up on my prior pieces, here's a link to last week's Issue 7.

Final Fantasy IX (PSP, PS1 Classic)

I was afraid initially that I would play just a little of Final Fantasy IX and then put it down, but thankfully that's not been the case. I had just gotten to the Ice Cavern last time, so I slowly made my way through it. While not that difficult, the boss battle at the end of the cave where it's just Zidane against two enemies did catch me off guard and I died. I really hate the old school game over design of sending you back to the title screen, so I found that annoying. Thankfully, I had saved right before this, so I simply had to wade back through a brief cutscene. The story points in Dali Village and on the airship to Lindbulm were great, as they really do a great job with Dagger and especially Vivi. There is so much personality here. The Active Time Events continue to be great as well. Right now I'm on my way to the Theater District prior to the Festival of the Hunt. Hoping to get more time in this coming week.

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