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The Pokémon Bank Receives an Update


Pokémon Sun / Moon

The Pokémon Company and Nintendo recently announced details about the latest update for the Pokemon Bank service. The service, which allows players to transfer Pokémon between various titles in the series for an annual cost of $4.99, is now compatible with the latest games in the series, Pokémon Sun and Moon.

The update also adds in support for the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console versions of Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow, allowing players to transfer Pokémon form those games into Sun and Moon. Pokémon sent over from Red, Blue, and Yellow will have their hidden attributes made visible once they have been sent over and are stated to have great individual strengths.

Two new features are also included in the update: the Pokédex and adventure records. The Pokédex feature lets players see details about Pokémon registered from all of the games that have been connected to the service in the National Pokédex. Adventure records, meanwhile, provide various stats and figures about players' adventures in the series, such as the total number of Pokémon caught or the number of wild Pokémon encountered.

Finally, all those who access the Pokémon Bank from now until October 2, 2017 will able to obtain a Mewnium Z on Pokémon Sun and Moon, the Z-crystal for mythical Pokemon Mew. If given to a Mew that knows Psychic, it will be able to use the Z-move Genesis Supernova.

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