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Trailer Reveals Nights of Azure's Transformations


Nights of Azure

Koei Tecmo is shining a light on the five battle transformations that are accessible to Arnice, protagonist of the upcoming Nights of Azure. A new trailer demonstrates the transformations, each of which bestows a different benefit upon Arnice that she can use to rid the kingdom of Ruswal from the demons threatening it.

At the root of Arnice's transformations are Servans, demon allies she can summon and take into battle. Servans come in different varieties, from healers to mages to attackers, and all interact with each other based on their personalities. They also interact together with what's known as their transformation factors; a team of up to four Servans will enable a transformation for Arnice based on the sum of their transformation factors.

There is a basic form, known as Demon Form, which grants Arnice the ability to manipulate fire in battle. Rabbit Form bestows incredible attacking speed, while Phantom Form transforms her into a ranged fighter. A more advanced form, Armor Form, offers both offensive and defensive stat increases. Nightmare Form, the final transformation, transforms Arnice directly into an overpowering demonic creature.

Already released in Japan, Nights of Azure will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive in North America and Europe. It will release on March 29 and April 1, 2016, respectively. Galleries of screenshots and artwork detailing the Servans and Arnice's transformations can be viewed below.


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