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Hero and Daughter+ Now Available on Steam



Japanese indie developer Tachi promises gamers a "tongue-in-cheek romance" wrapped in 16-bit RPG graphics. His latest effort is Hero and Daughter+, a harem-style RPG that aims to appeal to "anime, visual novel, and manga fans."

The game stars Ralph, a renowned hero who has saved the world times beyond count. Complacent in his superlative stats and epic gear, he falls prey to a cruel twist of fate: he drinks a potion that saps his level down to one and makes him unable to gain experience. Forced into a perpetual newbie status, he must now rely on others to do his battles for him.

Enter a friendly "haremdancer" who conjurs up a host of strong women to fight at Ralph's side —among other activities. Part level-grinding RPG and part dating sim, Ralph can decorate his home, invite girls over on his downtime, and hope to strike up a romance. Of course, being a hero, he does still need the girls' help to defeat a great evil, and to this end he can actually help them level up by donating his useless experience to them.

There are over thirty girls, each with their own powers and storylines to keep things interesting. Additionally, side quests and a 9,999-level Challenge Tower promise even more content. Hero and Daughter+ is available now on Steam for Windows.

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