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Coda Games Provides Update on Liege



Coda Games, which is currently working on its debut title Liege, recently updated its blog with a new development-focused post featuring some new clips from the game. These three clips show quick examples of some new additions to the game: line of sight, damage modifiers, and passive abilities and upgrades.

The developer also revealed that after testing it had decided to remove a recently-added feature whereby both the player and enemy turns played out at the same time. The decision comes after players found it too difficult to follow the action, particularly in battles where there were a larger number of combatants. Actions for each individual side are still all played out at the same time, but only for one faction at a time.

Liege is being developed for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android and is inspired by tactical JRPGs with influences from chess and other strategic games. In terms of a release period, Coda Games is looking to get the next version of the game's alpha available to testers as soon as possible and to open the game up to beta testing soon after.

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