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Echoes of Aetheria Gets Release Date


Echoes of Aetheria

Dancing Dragon Games, the studio behind games like Skyborn and Deadly Sin, is putting the finishing touches on its latest effort, Echoes of Aetheria. Set to release on Steam on January 15, 2016, Echoes of Aetheria starts off when a royal wedding that would unite two nations seeking peace with one another is foiled by mysterious outsiders and the bride-to-be is kidnapped. It is up to a small number of individuals to uncover who is truly behind the conspiracy and stop them from sabotaging the blossoming peace.

Echoes of Aetheria features a sprite-based, 16-bit graphical style, reminiscent of classic RPGs. Its isometric battle system combines a fifteen-tile grid with what appears to be an action meter. A deep item creation system will allow players to make thousands of unique and powerful items and weapons. As the story develops, players' tactical choices and decisions continue to have an ever-expanding impact, culminating in global-scale conflicts that affect the fate of entire nations.

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