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Compile Heart Plans Many Deaths Under the Labyrinth


Death Under the Labyrinth

Compile Heart has announced a second title for its Makai Ichiban Kan series. MeiQ no Chika ni Shisu, or Death Under the Labyrinth, is a 3D dungeon-crawling RPG for PlayStation Vita that is said to have a very high degree of difficulty. The English phrase "A Maze to Eradicate Them All" appears on the game's logo.

Death Under the Labyrinth takes place in a world where the night sky has stopped rotating. The game's female protagonist, Estra, is tasked with restarting the rotation by defeating the four Protector Gods holed up inside towers and winding up the Celestial Screw. She is assisted in this endeavour by other party members and customisable robotic Guardians. Players are able to use parties consisting of three standard characters, plus three Guardians. Death Under the Labyrinth is set to be released in Japan in Summer 2015.

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