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Damascus Gear Invades North America


Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo

Arc System Works' mecha action RPG, Damscus Gear: Operation Tokyo, is now available in North America on PlayStation Vita. The game, which sees players pilot their own customised GEAR, can be download from the PlayStation Network Store for $14.99.

Damscus Gear: Operation Tokyo is set in the year 2097, forty-seven years after the fourth World War. This war was fought using bipedal mechanised units called GEAR, however, these units simultaneously went berserk, wiping out 80% of humanity in under two weeks and forcing its remnants underground. Players form part of a group using new GEAR units to try and take back the surface from the berserk forces, now known as RAGE, collecting weapons and armour from felled RAGE to improve their own GEAR,

A European release is set to follow, although a date is yet to be announced. Some more details about the game, which is PlayStation TV-compatible, can be found on its official website.

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