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Kickstarter Check-In: Dungeons of Aledorn


Dungeons of Aledorn

Team21, a new studio out of Prague, Czech Republic, has turned to Kickstarter looking to fund its new game, Dungeons of Aledorn. Citing inspiration from Betrayal at Krondor, Realms of Arkania, and Might and Magic, Team21 wants to make Dungeons of Aledorn a hardcore, high-challenge, number-crunching, turn-based RPG.

The game sports a combat system based off of realism. Not so much in what you can perform, but by having a multitude of options when making decisions in combat. Damage in combat will actually matter, as characters will have smaller health pools and the loss of each point of life will lead to a semi-permanent debilitation. A stamina system will be put in place that allows you to dodge and block incoming strikes, only taking damage when stamina drops too low.

Inventories are planned to be more involved than normal. Instead of having a static set of equipment slots, different slots will only open up while wearing specific kinds of equipment. This feature is optional and can be altered in the difficulty settings.

Team21 is looking to make quests engaging, offering numerous ways by which to complete each quest, some of them non-violent. Initially black and white quests may not appear as simple as they initially did. Branching dialogue will be a major focus, with different options appearing based on players' skills and their levels in those skills. Active achievements will also play a part in the game, while also functioning as standard achievements, these achievements have an effect on the game world, such as the player character becoming more lucky the more successful it they at gambling. Players will be able to choose from six classes and seven races with a fully customizable party. Exploration takes place in first-person while combat is top-down.

Backers of the project will recieve a copy of the game at $15. Boxed copies of the game will be available starting at $90 for a limited time, with the standard being $105. Other rewards include a digital artbook, a digital soundtrack, and beta access.

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