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Kickstarter Check-In: Seven Dragon Saga


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The resurgence in Kickstarter RPG projects over the past couple of months continues with Seven Dragon Saga. Developer Tactical Simulations Interactive features a number of people that were previously part of Strategic Simulations, Inc., which developed the Gold Box series of games, and hopes to recapture the essence of those titles. The game is planned for release on PC, Mac, and Linux.

Seven Dragon Saga will allow players to form their own party consisting of six members of their own creation. Players will be able to choose their characters' race, class, specialty, and more, as well as a specific character goal. Quests in the game will feature choices, and if the player's choice aligns with the goal of a party member, that member will receive a bonus. Players can choose to have similar goals for all their characters or to try and mix them up. Certain NPCs may also be able to join the party for specific junctures.

The title will also support a system called Gateway, which will allow players to import and export their characters between multiple games. Tactical Simulations Interactive and inXile Entertainment have revealed that Gateway will support Torment: Tides of Numenera with its initial roll out for Seven Dragon Saga.

The game is said to feature conquest elements, with the party able to clear out unclaimed Borderlands. If they do, then the player can claim that region for one of the game's factions, turning it into a Frontier and allowing a town or trading post to be built in the area. Questing within a Frontier will then allow the player to upgrade it to a Settled area and give more benefits to the faction that controls it. However, if players neglect a Frontier region, it will likely fall back into a Borderland. There are not many details available regarding Seven Dragon Saga's battle system at this time, but it will be based on an original pen-and-paper ruleset created by David Shelley and Keith Brors. Exploration will be done in real-time, but the game will switch to turn-based combat.

Seven Dragon Saga is set in an empire formed by seven dynastic families. The Empire of the Seven Dragons is very expansionist, with eyes on the surrounding Drakelands, inhabited by two feuding races called the Drakyri and Feydri. The party acts as representatives of the Empire in their adventures into these lands.

Tactical Simulations Interactive is looking for $450,000 in funding by April 13, 2015. RPGamers can pledge a minimum of $25 to be rewarded with a DRM-free copy of the game, with a number of higher tier rewards also available for those who wish to donate more. The company initially hopes to have the game completed for August 2016.

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