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Xenoblade X Presentation Gets into Combat


Xenoblade Chronicles X

Nintendo today presented a second lengthy gameplay video for its upcoming Monolith Soft-developed Wii U RPG, Xenoblade Chronicles X. While the previous video focused on the game's world and exploration, this presentation concentrated on the game's battle mechanics. The 29-minute video is entirely Japanese, with background music taken from the game's soundtrack, and can be viewed in full below.

The video starts with some conversation between a group of the game's characters, before moving onto the battle footage, which looks very much in the vein of the title's predecessor. Combatants can switch between melee and ranged weapons on the fly, with standard attacks performed automatic and players selecting skills from the horizontal list of icons. Each icon has a circular bar showing its recharge status, and the icons are colour-coded to show the types of skills, such as support, shields, taunts, etc.

The game features lots of in-battle communication from NPCs and will flash a skill's icon if the NPCs want that skill to be used. Quick-time prompts, similar to those from the previous game's party combo attacks, appear in the game. There are also various methods to make skills more powerful or lower cooldown times, such as combos, enemy weak points, double recasts, party-wide triple recasts, and an overclock mechanic. Enemies have various icons that show information about them, such as how much danger they likely pose to the party, including one enemy that hurled a giant rock at the player character as they tried to run away.

On a basic level equipment also works similarly to Xenoblade, with various armour slots and the character models changing to reflect the equipment worn. There are various types of weapons in the game including swords, shields, javelins, guns, jet-packs, and rocket launchers. Equipment is created by various companies within New Los Angeles, and wearing a company's products for long enough lets that company level up and provide new items. Equipment can also be created using the drops off of various creatures in the game.

Characters earn experience points through battles, quests, and other means including exploring new locations and finding treasure chests. The game also features a class system, where players can select a class for their characters based on the arts they have. The party features up to four active party members, with many NPCs in New Los Angeles able to be recruited into the party. These characters all have their own backgrounds and are usually members of another union or group in the city, with characters from the Interceptor, Avalanche, and Path Finder unions shown. The presentation finished off the with appearance of some of the game's antagonists, who arrived with large, menacing robots in tow.

Xenoblade Chronicles X (pronounced "Cross" in Japan) is the follow-up to the Wii's Xenoblade Chronicles, RPGamer's GotY in 2012, but it uses an (as of yet) unconnected setting and storyline. The game is due out exclusively for Wii U on April 29, 2015 in Japan and at some point later in 2015 in North America and Europe.

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Xenoblade Chronicles X
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