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Kickstarter Check-In: Three Monkeys


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RPGamer has another Kickstarter project to highlight in its crowdfunding check-in feature. UK-based developer Incus Games is hoping to finish the creation of an audio-only RPG titled Three Monkeys. The company is asking for 28,000 by March 12, 2015 so it can release Part 1: Into the Abyss for PC.

Three Monkeys is set in Byzantia, a world that has been in darkness since the sun disappeared from the sky. It's inhabitants are now prisoners in their Holi lantern-illuminated villages, as stepping into the dark Abyss causes them to lose their sanity and turn into one of the vicious creatures in the blackness. However, there comes the chance of salvation in the form of main character Tobar. As he was born blind, Tobar is immune to the effects of the Abyss and travels to lift the curse. He is guided by Yoska, a seeing-eye sprite, and has attunded his other senses to be proficient with both sword and bow and arrow.

The game makes heavy use of Binaural Audio in order to give players a sense of the world around them. Controls are set to be handled using timing-based mechanics, giving players the opportunity to react in a multitude of ways to the sounds around them. Exploration is said to take the form of a zonal open-world, including villages, forests, ruins, and caves.

Those hoping to receive a copy of the game will need to donate at least 9 (although the first 200 can pick up an early bird tier at 7). Other tier are available if players want to add extra reward items, such as the game's soundtrack or prequel audiobook.

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