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Some Grimm Bros Offer a Taste of Dragon Fin Soup


Dragon Fin Soup

The new indie development studio Grimm Bros has recently unveiled their first project, a roguelike RPG called Dragon Fin Soup. The game takes place on the back of Asura, a giant turtle flying through space, and is filled with people who are somewhat strange takes on old children's story characters. One such person is the main character, Red Robin, a mercenary drunkard based on Little Red Riding Hood.

Much like the Mystery Dungeon series, it features turn based exploration and combat in which monsters will act every time the player moves or makes an action. Red Robin is the only playable character, but she can summon up to two pet companions at once to help her fight. The game features both a Story Mode which focuses on plot and character development and a Survival Mode which plays more like traditional roguelikes and features permadeath.

Dragon Fin Soup is being developed for the PS3, PS4, Vita, and PC, and will be released sometime in 2015. Grimm Studios is currently running a Kickstarter to secure some additional funding for the game, which can be found here.

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Dragon Fin Soup
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