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Act II of Grim Dawn Arrives on Steam Early Access


Grim Dawn

Indie developer Crate Entertainment has been working on its first title, an action RPG by the name of Grim Dawn, for a few years now, having released the playable alpha release back in May of 2013. Recently, the developer released "Act II" on Steam Early Access, a large update, which according to Crate Entertainment, represents over one-third of the final game. This update adds over ten hours of content, which includes new quests, a large new region, and the challenge dungeon Steps of Torment. Character level now maxes out at 35, and there are new enemies, bosses, items, and various improvements made to the initial alpha version.

Grim Dawn takes place in the war-torn world of Cairn, where a great empire once existed. This empire fell to ruins due to a war between two otherworldly forces, which threatens to wipe out the human race as well as warp reality itself. There are, however, scattered groups of survivors in hiding, biding their time and hoping that the two supernatural powers will destroy each other. Some of these human refugees have begun to display strange new powers due to the warping of reality, which may give them a fighting chance to reclaim the world. Grim Dawn features a dual class system, the ability to change the game's world and story through choices, faction-based quests, and plenty of loot.

The date for the final release Grim Dawn is not yet set. The game can be purchased from Steam Early Access for $29.99, or bought from the official website for $24.99. More screenshots can be viewed here.

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Grim Dawn
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