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PAX East Impression - Dragon Fantasy (PS3/Vita) & Dragon Fantasy Book II


Dragon Fantasy Book II

On display at PAX East this year were Muteki Corp.'s Dragon Fantasy running on Vita and the sequel, Dragon Fantasy Book II, running on a PC using a classic SNES controller. This is appropriate as the sequel very much looks and plays like a long lost 16-Bit title.

The demo allowed exploration of several areas including the world map, and some combat to go along with it. Functioning similar to Chrono Trigger, once you run into enemies battles take place right on the map. In the case of Book II however, battles are completely turn based. This keeps the game going at a speedy pace, though this was partially due to the over-leveled party used in the demo. A Chrono Trigger style intro was also shown, showcasing some of the locations and bosses that will be in the final game.

Dragon Fantasy Book II will initially be exclusive to the PS3 and Vita, with no announced release date as of yet.

Also on display was the Vita port of the original Dragon Fantasy. There were no changes to the interface, so the game played exactly like the iOS version -- only using the Vita's buttons instead of touch screen controls. Despite this, the game felt much more at home on the system. Everything felt faster and easier to manage than on iOS.

Dragon Fantasy for PS3 and Vita is coming soon but there is no official release date yet.

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