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Square Enix Looses Dragons Upon the World Again



Square Enix has announced in the upcoming issue of Famitsu that, after eight years, the company is currently working on Drag-On Dragoon 3 for the PlayStation 3. Known in North America as Drakengard, this title will be related to the currently running manga.

The scenario will be handled by Yoko Taro, and the character art will be handled by Kimihiko Fujisaka, both of whom worked on Drakengard and Nier. The music in the game will be handled by Keiichi Okabe, who handled the music in Nier as well. The producer for this game is Takamasa Shiba, who worked on Drakengard.

The game stars a Utautai named Zero, who can control magic through the use of songs. The player's power increases when exposed to blood splatter. Another character announced is her sister, One, whose personality is directly opposite of Zero. Zero has a flower growing where her right eye should be, and her left arm is artificial.

The game will feature the same gameplay known in this series, with ground-based sword combat, as well as aerial combat on the back of a dragon. Currently, Drag-On Dragoon 3 is in development at Access Games and is scheduled for release in Japan in 2013.

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