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Be Cursed by Evil in Bound by Flame


Bound by Flame

Spider Studios, the developers of Faery: Legends of Avalon and the currently in-development Mars War Logs, have announced their newest project, Bound by Flame. This action RPG will be released on the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 by late this year.

In Bound by Flame, the player controls a mercenary who has been possessed by a fire demon and must struggle between the choice to either use the demon's evil power or take a more heroic path. According to Spider, the player's choices will affect what happens in different chapters of the game and will affect the romances and rivalries built up with the main character's companions.

Little else has been revealed about the story, but it is known that the game allows detailed character customization. Players can choose between a male or female character and define his or her appearance, and can acquire abilities from combat, fire magic, and assassination skill trees. While giving your character's soul to the fire demon in order to gain power is an option, it will warp your character's appearance.

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Bound by Flame
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