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Monster Hunters are Already Working on Upgrades


Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate has yet to be released, but the people at Capcom are already working to add some notable functionality upgrades for the Wii U version. It will be updated to add off-TV play and cross-region play between North America and Europe, so Monster Hunting fans in North America can play with their European friends even while away from a TV. This update won't be available in time for the release of the game, but will instead be added in a patch sometime in April.

The latest Monster Hunter title will be arriving in North America on March 19, and in Europe on March 22, for both Wii U and 3DS. Fans should take note that, while both versions can play together and can even trade save files between each other, only the Wii U version will feature online play and the 3DS version will be focused entirely on local multiplayer.

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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
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