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Atlus Delays Games, Computer to Take Over World



Atlus has announced that The Dark Spire and Steal Princess, both for the Nintendo DS, have been slightly delayed. The Dark Spire will now ship in North America on April 14, whereas Steal Princess will be shipping on April 21.

Also part of this announcement, Atlus has revealed that the company's supercomputer has gone sentient and has aspirations to take over the world. It is unknown if the computer issue is the cause of the game delays or not.

"Unfortunately, a few Atlus titles will have to be slightly rescheduled as to their date of release, but the changes will be minimal. Also, every working day for us passes in constant fear, terror, and paranoia with the knowledge that our primary computer is now plotting to destroy us," commented an Atlus engineer on the subject of release date changes and the now-sentient supercomputer with a hunger for manflesh.

As can be seen in this chart provided by Atlus, we should all be super excited for all of the company's upcoming titles, as noted by the Awesomeness levels:

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