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ESRB Stole Princess, Atlus Steals Her Back


Steal Princess

Though the ESRB leaked this a while back, Atlus has now officially announced that Steal Princess is coming to North America. This action RPG combines puzzle game elements and platforming gameplay and is broken into over 150 different levels. Players will have to develop jump, swing, and climb all over stages as fast as they can in order to unlock better endings and bigger prizes. There is also an option for creating and sharing custom levels over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

The game begins with Anise, heroine/treasure hunter, exploring the ruins of the Ancient Demon King's palace. These ruins were thought to be empty, but are now once again filled with demons. While exploring the area, Anise accidentally frees the fairy Kukri. Lucky for Anise that she found the fairy, because she gets knocked out cold and has to be rescued by Kukri. She is then returned to the King of Albyon. It just so happens that the King's son has been kidnapped by demons and the King believes that Anise is more than just a common thief, but as descendant of the hero of legend that defeated the Ancient Demon King hundreds of years ago. He gives the thief an option: help rescue the Prince or be locked up forever.

Steal Princess will hit Nintendo DS's on March 24, 2009 with an MSRP of $34.99. This title has been rated "E10" by the ESRB. Steal Princess was published by Marvelous Entertainment in Japan where it received a 28/40 from Famitsu. Atlus has opened an official website here.

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Steal Princess
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