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Disgaea 2 Update Reveals New Dungeons, Characters, Classes


Disgaea 2

Translated propaganda from the official website for Disgaea 2 has shown that Nippon Ichi intends to adapt and borrow many gameplay mechanics from the first Disgaea, while further expanding those elements. As in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, Disgaea 2 will have its very own Item World, which can be found in every item, armor, and weapon. Entering these individual item worlds and progressing through them will increase the level of each item, armor, or weapon. Finding and defeating special monsters called Specialists inside of different item worlds will increase the stats of said item, and these conquered Specialists can be moved to a completely new item.

A new feature in the item worlds of Disgaea 2 are places called Side Rooms, which may appear on random levels. Inside of these side rooms, players may find healers who will recover your party for a fee, a shopkeeper with various wares for sale, or even something completely different. Just what players find in each side room is completely randomized each time an item world is visited, and exiting the side room will put a player back where they originally left the item world. Another new addition is a place called Specialist Town. Players can walk around and talk to Specialists as they would in an ordinary town. Lastly, players adventuring within the item worlds will have to stay sharp and keep an eye out for pirates. These invaders intend to conquer the item worlds, and work against the player. They can appear randomly on any level of an item world, announced by a large red ‘WARNING’ screen, and will then dump a new group of enemies for a player to defeat.

Three new characters have also been named. Tink, a friend of Roselinde since childhood, claims that he was once a striking, handsome man, but for some strange reason he was turned into a frog. Yukimaru is a ninja in the employ of a mysterious benefactor, who participates in the tournament being held by Overlord Xenon. She firmly believes that the most important thing for any ninja to have is heart, and she feels entirely too much responsibility for every small mistake she makes. The last, Fubuki, is Yukimaru’s elder brother and a powerful ninja who has mastered several powerful techniques. Fubuki, whose name means 'blizzard,' is a cold and callous man, and his only interest is getting revenge for the destruction of his clan 15 years ago.

Two characters returning to the stage in Disgaea 2 are the Overlord Laharl, and the fallen angel Flon. Laharl appears to be very angry at his vassal Etna for some mysterious reason, but he’s even angrier that he’s only getting a cameo role. Flon seems to be quite upset at her lack of screen-time in the game, as well.

In addition to new and returning characters, several new character classes have come to light. The first, called Sinners, are considered to be especially nasty criminals, even for the Netherworld, and specialize in brawling. Since most Sinners are serving very, very long sentences, it takes special permission from the Dark Court before a player can have one join their party. The second class type, called Beastmasters, are top-level monster breeders, but Beastmasters are extremely hesitant to trust strangers. However, if a player can persuade one to join their party, a Beastmaster will faithfully breed the nastiest, scariest monsters that the Netherworld has ever seen.

Disgaea 2 is currently planned for a February 23, 2006 release in Japan. North American gamers can look forward to Disgaea 2 coming to their shores in August 2006.

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Disgaea 2
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