Square Shares FFX-2 Mini Game Mayhem

It may come as no surprise that Square has revealed more information regarding its upcoming PlayStation 2 title Final Fantasy X-2. This time, two original mini games have been unveiled as diversions from the trying tasks of sphere hunting.

The first mini game, named Sphere Break, is not about inflicting violence on the ability and level-up system of Final Fantasy X, FFX-2's predecessor. Rather, it is an Al Bhed coin game created by a travel agent named Rin. Square has not explained the object or rules of the game, and it is unknown as to whether the game will have a challenge system in the tradition of Triple Triad from Final Fantasy VIII and Tetra Master from Final Fantasy IX.

The second mini game is aptly known as Save the Item Shop, and it entails assisting a traveling merchant named O'aka, who is fleeing the Al Bhed for unknown reasons. The exact requirements of the shop's salvation are not known at this time.

Final Fantasy X-2 will arrive in Japanese stores on March 13, but there has been no word of a definite North American release date.

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by Cortney Stone    
Source: [The Magic Box]

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