Yet Another FFX-2 Character Emerges

Square has seen fit to unveil yet another character in its upcoming game Final Fantasy X-2. The new character is named Nyuji, and indications are that he will play a large role in the game. He seems to be especially tied to the conflict between the New Yevon Movement and the Young People's Alliance, two factions vying for the hearts and minds of the people of Spira. It is unknown what side the scholarly-looking Nyuji will take in this war of words. Nyuji was revealed to the Japanese public in a recent issue of the JUMP magazine publication.

Final Fantasy X-2 is the sequel to the popular Final Fantasy X. Taking place 2 years after the first game, it revolves around Yuna, Rikku, and their new compatriot Payne as they once more journey through the land of Spira. Gameplay will be notably different from that of its predecessor, and a unique job change system will be utilized. Final Fantasy X-2 is set to be released in Japan on March 13. No official release outside of Japan has been announced yet, but one is expected.

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by Justin Harwood    

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