Final Fantasy X-2 Ability System, Class Details Emerge

According to a recent issue of V-Jump, a Japanese magazine, Square has revealed two more jobs available in their upcoming PlayStation 2 title, Final Fantasy X-2. One of these classes will be Dark Knight, and the other will be Gambler. Rikku's costume for the latter job features a small club emblem on the bodice, and screenshots suggest that the class will involve rolling large dice in battle.

As for the Ability System of FFX-2, abilities will depend on the character's class, and certain amounts of AP will be needed to access skills. After changing jobs, new abilities can be accessed via previously learned skills.

Final Fantasy X-2 will be available in Japan on March 13, and while a North American release is planned, Square has yet to lock in a target date for this side of the ocean.

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by Cortney Stone    
Source: [Quiter]

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