Rakugaki Kingdom Soundtrack Announced

A soundtrack album for Taito's upcoming PlayStation 2 RPG, Rakugaki Kingdom, will be released soon after the game's release in Japan. The soundtrack will feature quite a few background tracks from the game as well as the vocal tracks appearing in the game. In addition, a single will be released which will feature the theme song of the game. The artwork for both the single and the full album will be done by Yoshiharu Sato, an artist who participated in the creation of Rakugaki Kingdom.

Starting on March 19th, commercials for the soundtrack will begin and continue until the release of the discs, which will be April 24th for the single and May 9th for the full album. The single is currently priced at 1000 yen (about $7.77) and the full album at 3200 yen (about $24.87). The game itself will be priced at 6800 yen (about $50.95) and will be released on March 20th. No word has been received as to whether the game or soundtrack will be released in North America, but RPGamer will continue to bring news as it arrives.

by Justin Weiss    
Source: [Game Watch]
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