Seiken Densetsu 2: Original Sound Version
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Hiroki Kikuta presents a stunning soundtrack to a very memorable game in Seiken Densetsu 2: Original Sound Version. Seiken Densetsu 2 is also known as Secret of Mana in the United States.
Musician: Hiroki Kikuta
Released on: 8.25.95
Price: 2000 yen

track# song name

01 Fear of Heaven
02 A Curious Tale
03 Spirit and A Rose...
04 Together Always
05 Fond Memories
06 Into The Thick of It
07 The Color of the Summer Sky
08 Dancing Animals
09 Distant Thunder
10 The Little Sprite
11 It Happened Late One Evening
12 In the Dead of Evening
13 Mystic Invasion
14 Secret of the Arid Sands
15 What the Forest Taught Me
16 A Wish...
17 Spirit of the Night
18 Did You See the Ocean?
19 Danger
20 Calm Before the Storm
21 The Wind Never Ceases
22 Flight Into the Unknown
23 Eternal Recurrence
24 The Legend
25 A Bell is Tolling
26 A Curious Happening
27 Monarch of the Shore
28 The Dark Star
29 Prophecy
30 Steel and Snare
31 Whisper and Mantra
32 Ceremony
33 Morning is Here
34 Leave Time For Love
35 Still of the Night
36 The Curse
37 The Oracle
38 A Conclusion
39 I Won't Forget
40 One of Them is Hope
41 Meridian Dance
42 Now Flightless Wings
43 The Second Truth from the Left
44 I Closed My Eyes

end total length: 66:20
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