Parasite Eve: Original Sound Version
Parasite Eve

The 'cinematic RPG' about an opera singer who turns into an Eve for a new world brought about one of the most spectacular soundtracks ever. Yoko Shimomura uses her talents to bring modern day techno and opera together to create this masterpeice.

Lyrics: Se Il Mio Amore Sta Vincino, Somnia Memorias
-Disc 1- track# song name

01 Primal Eyes
02 Waiting for Something Awakens
03 Overture
04 Se Il Mio Amore Sta Vincino
05 Memory I
06 Gloom and Doom
07 Theme of Mitochondria
08 Sotto Voice
09 Arise Within You
10 Main Theme
11 The Surface of the Water
12 Memorize of "Aya and Eve"
13 Out of Phase
14 Urban Noise
15 Mystery Notes
16 Influence of Deep
17 Phrase of Aya
18 Phrase of Mitochondria
19 Theme of Aya
20 Under The Progress
21 Plosive Attack
22 Missing Perspective
23 Memory II
24 Force Trail
25 Phrase of Eve
26 Memory III

end total length: 52:40
-Disc 2- track# song name

01 Matrix
02 The Omnission of the World
03 Wheel of Fortune
04 Kyrie
05 Across the View
06 Femmes Fatales
07 A Peice of Remain
08 Musica Mundana
09 U.B.
10 Escape from U.B.
11 Main Theme
12 Theme of Aya ~ (Reprise)
13 Ending Credits
14 Somnia Memorias
15 Consensus
16 Someone Calls Me... Someone Looks for me...
17 Main Theme ~ (Orchestrated)
18 Influence of Deep ~ (CM Remix)
19 Se Il Mio Amore Sta Vincino ~ (CM Remix)

end total length: 54:17
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