Final Fantasy I+2, All Sounds of
Final Fantasy I+2, All Sounds of

The first in the long line of soundtracks that will soon follow it, Final Fantasy I and II's original sound version is a collection of all the music from the two games. Such tracks such as "Gurgu Volcano" and "The Rebel Army" are memorable to even the oldest of gamers. Not only does the CD include the original music, but four unreleased tracks and two arranged tracks. Final Fantasy I+II, all sounds of, set place some of the most memorable songs and introduced musician Nobuo Uematsu to the Final Fantasy world.

Genre: Original Sound Version Musician: Nobuo Uematsu
Time / Tracks 62:32 / 49 Publisher: Square
Cost: 2200 YEN Release Date: 12.21.88

The Tracks:
Final Fantasy I
1. Prelude
2. Opening Theme
3. Cornelia Castle
4. Main Theme
5. Chaos' Castle
6. Matouya's Cave
7. City Theme
8. Shop Theme
9. Sailing Ship
10. Underwater Palace
11. Dungeon
12. Menu Screen
13. Airship
14. Gurgu Volcano
15. The Floating Castle
16. Battle Scene
17. Victory Fanfare
18. Ending Theme
19. Dead Music
20. Save Music
Final Fantasy II
21. The Prelude
22. Battle 1
23. Revification
24. We Meet Again
25. The Rebel Army
26. Town Theme
27. Main Theme
28. Castle Pandemonium
29. The Empire's army
30. Chocobo!
31. Magician's Tower
32. Flee!
33. The Old Castle
34. Dungeon
35. The Revived Emperor
36. Battle 2
37. Victory Fanfare
38. Finale
39. Waltz
40. The Queen's Temptation
41. Dead Music
42. Fanfare
43. Welcome To Our Group
Unreleased and Arranged Tracks from Final Fantasy II
44. Shop
45. The Airship
46. Battle 3
47. Dungeon
48. Farewell!
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