Dragon Quest I.II: Symphonic Suite

One of the most revolutionary games in Japan's history was Dragon Quest I. It's music is legendary among Japan's society and the United States society as well. Koichi Sugiyama and the London Philharmonic bring a symphonic suite worthy of all ears and delight. Not only is there 11 orchestrated tracks, but 14 synthesized tracks of the orchestrated, as well as a bonus synthesized track at the end.

Genre: Remix Musician: Koichi Sugiyama and the London Philharmonic/
Time / Tracks 62:58 / 26 Publisher: Enix
Cost: 1200 YEN Release Date: 7.25.89

The Tracks:
1. Dragon Quest March (Orchestrated)
2. Only Lonely Boy (Orchestrated)
3. Pastoral ~ Catastrophe (Orchestrated)
4. Chateau (Orchestrated)
5. Town (Orchestrated)
6. Fright in Dungeon ~ Devil's Tower (Orchestrated)
7. Requiem (Orchestrated)
8. Endless World (Orchestrated)
9. Beyond the Waves (Orchestrated)
10. Deathfight ~ Dead or Alive (Orchestrated)
11. My Road, My Journey (Orchestrated)
12. Only Lonely Boy (Synthesized)
13. Pastoral ~ Catastrophe (Synthesized)
14. Chateau (Synthesized)
15. Town (Synthesized)
16. Fright in Dungeon (Synthesized)
17. Devil's Tower (Synthesized)
18. Requiem (Synthesized)
19. Defeated (Synthesized)
20. Endless World (Synthesized)
21. Endless World cont...(Synthesized)
22. Beyond the Eaves (Synthesized)
23. Deathfight (Synthesized)
24. Dead or Alive (Synthesized)
25. My Road, My Journey (Synthesized)
26. Ending (Synthesized)
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