Sound Test - X-MIDI-3 January 30th, 2000

3rd in the line of remix competitions, X-MIDI-3 heated the internet with competition between some of the best sequencers RPGamer knows. The highly anticipated competition paved way to the future Ultima-Eternity Competition later this year. The judges for X-MIDI-3 were: Andrea Hartmann, Michelle Balsan, Jason Corbett, Brian Balsan, Jason "Parn" Walton and Amber "MissSchala" Ritchie.

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Place Song Title Composer Score

01 "The Legacy of the Wizard Medley" Yura 92.3
02 Lunar: The Silver Star Story Complete: "Theme of the Wind" Kaijin 83.6
03 "The Final Fantasy Female Theme Grand Mix" Michael Huang 82.38
04 Terranigma: "Title and Crysta Medley" Mister G! 80.1
05 Xenogears: "March of Sea and Fire" SquallStrife 76.8
06 Final Fantasy VI: "Celes" Jeremy 74
07 "Calypso de Chocobo" Wilbert Roget 73.1
08 Chrono Trigger: "World Revolution" CronoKyle 70.6
9 "The RPG Mix" RavenBFTG 70.3
10 Seiken Densetsu III: "Innocent Waters" A Blue Guitar 68
11 Chrono Trigger: "Magus' Theme" Cyrussaur 66
12 Final Fantasy VI: "Aria Fugue" Bean 63.3
13 Chrono Trigger: "Time Circuits" LancerMog 62.2
14 Seiken Densetsu III: "Rolling Cradle" Khalal 62
15 Final Fantasy 5: "The Unknown Land" Beigegoo 60.8
16 Final Fantasy VI: "Battle Theme" Callinon 56.8

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