Sound Test - Operattack Finality - February 20th, 2000

Operattack Finality was the end of an ill fated competition. Whereas it was a good idea in theory, many visitors found it too hard to simply record their voice and convert it to mp3. Despite the negativity surrounding it, the entries were great and RPGamer's The Music Box thanks all entrants. The rules of Operattack Finality were: Sing an RPG song. The entrant could have accompainment or make their own lyrics. Judges were: Mark Jordan and Wendy Clark.

Place Song Title Composer

01 Final Fantasy Love Will Grow: "Prelude" Xellos Rogue and Saki
02 Final Fantasy VIII: "Eyes on Me" Lindsey Cormier
03 Lunar: The Silver Star Story Compete "Wings" Shosetsu
04 Xenogears: "Small of Two Pieces" Xenon
05 Xenogears: "Small of Two Pieces" Lorelai
06 Xenogears: "Small of Two Pieces" Natalie
07 Final Fantasy VII: "Cid's Theme" Salah
08 Final Fantasy VII: "Aeris' Theme" Umi
09 Final Fantasy VIII: "Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec" SquallStrife

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