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AV10: Grandia, FF, and Shenmue Mix
Download Grandia, FF, and Shenmue Mix by DJ Eldeel

Song List:

  • Grandia - Sandy Beach of Ganbo
  • Grandia - Battle theme
  • Final Fantasy 8 - Boss theme
  • Shenmue - Main Theme

Average Score: 69.7

Judge Composition
(Out of 40)
(Out of 40)
(Out of 20)
(Out of 100)
Judge 1 19 19 10 48
Judge 2 34 31 15 80
Judge 3 33 30 18 81
Averages 28.7 26.7 14.3 69.7
Judge Comments
Judge 1:
  • Well, I really like the songs that were put into this... however, the sound quality is horrendous, and the songs aren't arranged as well as they could be.
  • And just as a note, there seems to be a bit much reverb on all of the percussion, as well.

Judge 2:
  • Decent usage of instruments.
  • Translations are decent.

Judge 3:
  • I was definitely glad to hear Grandia songs, though I was surprised at the Selection of the beach theme.
  • Well it definitely made for a pleasant experience, which I think the Shenmue theme only added to.
  • Good job, wish there was original music in it to add to the effect.

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