Sound Cave Music Competition

AV06: FF and Ys Megamix
Download FF and Ys Megamix by DJ Eldeel

Song List:

  • Final Fantasy 1 - Garland
  • Final Fantasy 1 - Matoya's Cave
  • Ys Book 1&2 - Last Moment of the Dark

Average Score: 70.3

Judge Composition
(Out of 40)
(Out of 40)
(Out of 20)
(Out of 100)
Judge 1 18 20 10 48
Judge 2 33 30 14 77
Judge 3 30 36 20 86
Averages 27 28.7 14.7 70.3
Judge Comments
Judge 1:
  • Many misnotes.
  • The Temple of Fiends segment reminds me a lot of the original... it doesn't feel very arranged. It also seems to go on longer than it should.
  • The entire medley seems repetitive because each section is repeated longer than it should be.
  • Either I missed the transition between Temple of Fiends and Matoya's Cave or... there wasn't one!
  • The encoding in this section is especially bad. Lots of peaking and clicking, and constant noise. I'm not counting that against you, but perhaps you should work on recording in the future!
  • Also, in this section, there are high pitched notes that come out of nowhere... and they seem rather out of place!
  • I love the fact that you stuck Last Moment of the Dark in here, as it is one of my favorites.
  • I think overall, this is a pretty mediocre track. The arrangements could be MUCH better, and there are many, many misnotes.

Judge 2:
  • Samples are decent. Some unexpected "bleeps" however.
  • Song seems to become repetitive after a while.
  • Unexpected translations from song to song.

Judge 3:
  • Great pieces of class music to work with.
  • I’ve always enjoyed how Garland’s theme and Matoya’s Cave go so well together, but I was really happy to hear some Y’s music. I don’t hear much of it nowadays and I liked the overall sound of it.

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