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AV04: Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, FF5, Phantasy Star Remix
Download Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, FF5, Phantasy Star Remix by DJ Eldeel

Song List:

  • Chrono Trigger - To Far Away Times
  • Chrono Cross - Time's Scar (CC Intro)
  • Final Fantasy 5 - Gilgamesh
  • Phantasy Star 2 - Power Theme (Nei's Scene)
  • Final Fantasy 5 - Gilgamesh
  • Chrono Cross - Radical Dreamers

Average Score: 68.3

Judge Composition
(Out of 40)
(Out of 40)
(Out of 20)
(Out of 100)
Judge 1 20 13 10 43
Judge 2 35 33 14 82
Judge 3 32 30 18 80
Averages 29 25.3 14 68.3
Judge Comments
Judge 1:
  • Hmm... Where to start? The percussion in the To Far Away Times segment is VERY dull and boring. It's just the same cliché beats over and over.
  • The Time's Scar part... when the lead comes in, it is behind by quite a bit. I must also say that the instrument choices for this section aren't very good.
  • It also seems as if you forgot to send a note off in here, because there is an F on the strings that holds until the next section begins and sounds rather out of place.
  • The rest of the mix is rather bland as well.
  • Also, the transitions could be better.
  • I can't figure out why you stuck the Phantasy Star 2 tune in the middle of Battle with Gilgamesh... it just doesn't make much sense, and it doesn't sound very good at all, either.

Judge 2:
  • Starts out great, some parts sound a little messy however.
  • Samples used are decent.
  • Song translations could use some work.

Judge 3:
  • A good composition of many good songs.
  • I especially liked the samples and beat of To Far Away Times.
  • Kudos for adding Gilgamesh’s theme in the mix, I’m sure the guys at The GIA would love you for that!
  • I would have liked to hear the music remixed a little more tho.

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