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AV03: The Cry of the Planet
Download The Cry of the Planet by Patrick "Trick" Waters

Song List:

  • Final Fantasy 7 - VII Main Theme
  • Final Fantasy 7 - The Great Northern Crater
  • Final Fantasy 7 - You Can Hear the Cry of the Planet
  • Final Fantasy 7 - Who am I?

Average Score: 83.7

Judge Composition
(Out of 40)
(Out of 40)
(Out of 20)
(Out of 100)
Judge 1 30 32 18 80
Judge 2 33 30 14 77
Judge 3 37 37 20 94
Averages 33.3 33 17.3 83.7
Judge Comments
Judge 1:
  • When I first saw the tunes in this song on the judging page, I feared for this worst. "Oh great, another Final Fantasy VII medley." But I must say that I am quite impressed. I was not expecting such nice piano work.
  • The songs you chose fit together quite nicely. However, parts of it are rather weak.
  • And the ending is rather... abrupt.
  • Overall, nice work.

Judge 2:
  • For a piano piece it's pretty well done.
  • Some parts sound a little linear however.
  • Song seemed to be just a bunch of "tracks" slapped together.
  • Didn't really notice any smoothness.

Judge 3:
  • Of all stand alone instruments, nothing I can think of can match the beauty or the power of the piano.
  • I like the arrangement you chose, it went together nicely and have the sound was quality was extremly good.
  • If anything, music should give emotion, which I definitely felt.

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