Sound Cave Music Competition

AV01: Classic RPG Mix
Download Classic RPG Mix by DJ Eldeel

Song List:

  • Wild Arms 2 - Opening
  • Xenogears - Intro
  • Zelda 3 - Overworld
  • Lunar 2 - Field to Tomorrow

Average Score: 54.7

Judge Composition
(Out of 40)
(Out of 40)
(Out of 20)
(Out of 100)
Judge 1 20 15 10 45
Judge 2 20 25 5 50
Judge 3 25 27 17 69
Averages 21.7 22.3 10.7 54.7

Judge Comments
Judge 1:
  • Nice sound quality. However, the transitions are nonexistent or weak at best.
  • Also, the instrumentation is quite odd, as is the mixing.
  • The encoding is also rather bad...
  • But, I must say that you have a pretty good ear (there are a few misnotes), at least.
  • I just think that the arrangements of the songs are not as good as they could be.

Judge 2:
  • Certain parts sound messy.
  • Doesn't sound too clean.
  • Poor translations to the next song.
  • Kind of bland on some parts.

Judge 3:
  • Nice pieces of music to work with, the Wild Arms set off the piece very well.
  • I was mainly impressed by your sampling of the Zelda Theme and your sequencing Job for Field of Tomorrow, which I havenít sequenced very often.
  • The echo in the Xenogears theme was well done.
  • Overall very good, I just wish to have had a little more continuity and rising action to the different songs and maybe some original music added to it.

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