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Audible Vortex

Music Compo 2001: Audible Vortex

High Level Description & Submission Information

This competition is for the best multi-part compilation medley, spanning the entire range of RPGamer’s coverage. The compo is open to all covered games, past and present, with no specifications on style.

To recap, the winner of Audible Vortex will receive a $75 gift certificate to Electronic Boutique and the following three video game soundtracks: Final Fantasy IV, Chrono Trigger, and Resident Evil: Code Veronica X. The first runner up will receive one copy of each of the three soundtracks.

Content Judgment
  • Remix Composition (40%)
    • How well does the mix represent the selected songs? Your selected tunes should be presented enough to make a strong impression in the mix.
    • Does the composition stand alone as a song? The finished product should have a solid structure all to its self.
    • Does the song have a fluid sense of motion? The composition should not be choppy. It should glide from riff to riff and song to song smoothly.
    • Remix should not be a stumbling repeat of the original song, be sure to control the flow of the remix so it does not get boring or repetitive.

  • Creative Outlook (40%)
    • How well are the individual songs remixed?
    • What innovation has the composer utilized to make the composition stand out? Try to take a radical approach to an old song and give it new life.
    • Your remix should have a definitive feel to it, signature of yourself. Try to put an artistic flair to the song that gives it a unique sound. Your personal contribution to the tune’s overall sound will give it a mark that will distinguish your work from everyone else’s.

  • Professional Stance (20%)
    • The quality of the mix should be crisp and complete.
    • Sampling should be clean and of high quality.
    • The composition should be of a strong caliber. Take pride in your song and make sure every inch of it is clean, the levels optimal, and the mix complete. There should be a definitive beginning and end.

Scores for each of these sections from each judge will be on each songs Chronology/Comments page.

Scores Table

My apologies to Lionel Pinoteau. Sebastien Peyrichout's name appeared instead of his due to a clerical error on my part when I created my master entries list.

Entry J 1 J 2 J 3 Avg Chronology/
1. Nostalgic Melodies
by Lionel Pinoteau
84 93 84 87 av18
2. Final Fantasia
by Chad Seiter
79 86 87 84 av08
3. The Cry of the Planet
by Patrick "Trick" Waters
80 77 94 83.7 av03
4. Fighting Spirits
by Patrick "Trick" Waters
61 84 89 78 av07
5. Sketchy Megamix
by Profesor Sketchy
51 87 93 77 av15
6. Riding Through the Town Alone on My Chocobo, When it Started Raining Blood
by Dennis Mott
51 80 94 75 av13
7 (tie). Dying Planet
by Gwilym Wogan
61 81 79 73.7 av05
7 (tie). The Yasunori Mitsuda Progressive Medley
by Christian Pacaud
53 85 83 73.7 av16
9. Final Fantasy Medley
by Kaos
56 76 88 73.3 av09
10. Journey Through the Dimensions
by Trptcox
66 68 85 73 av02
11 (tie). RPG MegaMix
by DJ Eldeel
50 79 85 71.3 av14
11 (tie). Legend of Heroes, Sorcerian, FF6 Megamix
by DJ Eldeel
49 67 98 71.3 av11
13. Ys Quad Megamix
by DJ Eldeel
44 76 92 70.7 av17
14. FF and Ys Megamix
by DJ Eldeel
48 77 86 70.3 av06
15. Grandia, FF, and Shenmue Mix
by DJ Eldeel
48 80 81 69.7 av10
16. Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, FF5, Phantasy Star Remix
by DJ Eldeel
43 82 80 68.3 av04
17. Phantasy Star and Sword of Vermillion mix
by DJ Eldeel
49 70 84 67.7 av12
18. Tritoch Two
by SilentOne
41 81 80 67.3 av19
19. Classic RPG Mix
by DJ Eldeel
45 50 69 54.7 av01

Phew, I'm kinda glad that this is finally over.

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