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The Grand Audition
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Requiem Virtuoso
Comments and Score Breakdown
barieuph lost_keeper Reader Average (2x) Total
Theme 10 10 18 38
Remix 30 30 62 122
Creativity 40 36 76 152
Production 8 8 17 33
Total 88 84 173 345
First Place - 345
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Barieuph: This remix is very interesting. You captured the essence of Uematsu in a SaGa remix, for that you get props. Furthermore you make an interesting remix. The solo sections were pretty good, but it feels like the song is holding back too much. I was looking for a little more energy. Nice celeste.

lost_keeper: I thought that this song was the perfect choice for a prog rock remix, and with that said, I had high expectations going in. The song is quite powerful; the fluxuations between fast and powerful parts into the slow and sobering interludes were well-placed and helped give the song more character.

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