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The Grand Audition
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Furiousity Kain Vinosec
Comments and Score Breakdown
barieuph lost_keeper Reader Average (2x) Total
Theme 10 9 16 35
Remix 29 22 60 111
Creativity 42 25 67 134
Production 9 10 17 36
Total 90 66 161 317
Second Place - 317
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Barieuph: Everything about this mix is high quality. You nailed the theme and the sound production for sure. The creative flair is evident and well done, with a few solos interspersed. I do wish you could have strayed from the original tune a little bit, as it seems to be merely a transcription with a few solo bars. It stands apart, but as a brother, and we're looking for cousin. Nonetheless, top marks for your remix.

lost_keeper: While I love the sound quality that comes out of those electric guitars, I would have loved to hear some amazing guitar solos. I say this as I felt that this arrangement stayed way too close to the original song and didn't really mix things around. I think I would've given you a higher score had I seen more of a unique, personal touch.

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