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The Grand Audition
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The Metallic Verge Fermat's Last Theorem
Comments and Score Breakdown
barieuph lost_keeper Reader Average (2x) Total
Theme 9 9 9 16
Remix 32 28 50 110
Creativity 36 42 63 141
Production 6 9 14 29
Total 83 88 143 314
Third Place - 314
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Barieuph: Although the mix does in fact grab the theme, the introduction feels so out of place that I almost wonder whether or not a different track was used and later modified. However, your remix is solid. I don't particularly care for the synths used, as the sound is particularly sparse and dry. There appears to be almost too much going on and at the same time not quite enough. A good mix.

lost_keeper: I was a bit worried about the song choice at first; however, when I actually listened to the track it really surprised me. I believe that my surprised reaction is testament to your creativity. Bravo. One negative thing though, I was a little disappointed by the lack of variety for percussions.

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