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The Grand Audition
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Fight the Groove! Virtuoso
Comments and Score Breakdown
barieuph Ilchymis Macstorm Reader Average Total
Theme 10 9 10 5 34
Remix 28 28 26 15 97
Creativity 37 32 41 17 127
Production 6 8 8 4 26
Total 81 77 85 41 284
Third Place 284
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Barieuph: The production of the acid jazz style was really impressive in this piece. It did sound almost exactly like the original with only a jazz style added in, so while not extremely original, was very well done. Very catchy piece and nice use of a non-mainstream theme.

Macstorm: This was a fun piece to listen to, but it wasn't until about a fourth of the way in that I really heard the theme and then it was gone again until near the end. That was the only thing that really hindered this composition. I really enjoyed the solo in the middle, it worked quite well, though the recording seemed to lag just a tad during it.

Ilychmis: I have to admit that I had unfairly high hopes for this piece due to my everlasting love for Final Fantasy's battle theme, so I don't want to come off too harsh. On a whole, the piece is a solid interpretation that covers the Final Fantasy's battle themes and even includes a fanfare at the end for good measure (+1!). Even though the sound is a bit thin, I had to give it to Virtuoso for creating the only real piece that could actually pass as an 8-bit song (the other two sounded a bit more 32, IMO). It remixed well and is rather creative, but I found it to be a little too repetitive for my liking. Still a solid entry.

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