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The Grand Audition
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Alena [nerv mix] nerv
Comments and Score Breakdown
barieuph Ilchymis Macstorm Reader Average Total
Theme 10 6 10 5 31
Remix 30 33 28 16 107
Creativity 40 31 40 20 131
Production 10 10 10 5 35
Total 90 80 88 46 304
First Place - 304
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Barieuph: An increadibly creative remix. What I truly enjoy with this remix is the layers upon layers that you build that do not overpower eachother but rather compliment eachother. While you remain fairly faithful to the source you bring a freshness to it in a very underappreciated genre of jazz. An all-around bombshell of a piece. Very nice.

Macstorm: The production of the acid jazz style was really impressive in this piece. It did sound almost exactly like the original with only a jazz style added in, so while not extremely original, was very well done. Very catchy piece and nice use of a non-mainstream theme.

Ilychmis: I found this piece to be the least "Jazzy" out of the three, but the most enjoyable on a whole. I can see the steady tempos, the drums, and the way that the piece escalates to have a similarity with some slower mid-60's Blue Note recordings, but I would have a hard time throwing it into a "Blues, Swing, or Jazz" category. With that said, I thought that this was a superb piece and put together very well, even though I'm not too familiar with the original. The intro helps to set the pace for the entire piece, and even though the main melody kicked in a bit soon, I liked the surprise. I've listened to it a few times now out of pure desire to hear it, and I think it's due to a good choice of a piece as well as a solid interpretation. Well done.

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