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The Grand Audition
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Fight the Groove! Virtuoso
Comments and Score Breakdown
barieuph Ilchymis Macstorm Reader Average Total
Theme 10 8 10 5 33
Remix 27 32 30 15 104
Creativity 38 33 38 18 127
Production 8 9 8 4 29
Total 83 82 86 42 293
Second Place - 293
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Barieuph: I enjoy the way you manipulated the theme, but it seems a little busy. Regardless there is a fantastic amount of creativity used here. There are some better samples out there that could have been used. The busyness stops the chart from being easily recognizable, as well as the chart sounding like a transcription with a solo section. The solo sections were great though and had a nice feel to it. A great entry into the jazz world. Bravo

Macstorm: This was quite a solid piece with a well done theme. Even though the original theme itself wasn't one of my favorites, it was a nice enough remix to make it fresher. Solid piece.

Ilychmis: First off, I just have to say that this song reminds me of something I might find in some sort of gaudy saloon in the early 1900's that is being run by some sort of surprisingly uptempo bootlegger. The piece is produced rather well, and has a very good swing and bebop vibe that hold's its own amongst the other two pieces for this round. Everything ends up exploding at the end, which caught me a little off guard and seemed a little abrupt, but all in all the song holds the tempo rather well. I found it to be a pretty original interpretation, even though I was looking for something a bit more laid back and got smacked in the face with this "little ball of energy."

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