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The Grand Audition
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Comments and Score Breakdown
barieuph lost_keeper Shroudie Reader Average Total
Theme 10 8 10 8.048 26.048
Remix 27 32 34 23.857 116.857
Creativity 37 40 43 28.381 148.381
Production 8 7 10 7.476 32.476
Total 82 87 97 67.619 333.762
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barieuph: There is a lot of fluff throughout this mix, though I find it appropriate for a vocal remix. However, I do feel that it's a bit busy. In fact, busy is the word to describe your mix. I feel there is great accomplishment and musicality throughout the remix, but there was an attempt to do too much. I applaud your creativity. Like the others in this competition, there is a not much depth to the piano sound.

lost_keeper: This is a great version of the simple, yet beautiful 'Far Away Promise.' I believe you've done justice to this song and have made an excellent arrangement.

shroudie: Absolute love. Remix is awesome, and it threw me at first what it was but man, extremely well done. My choice, no doubt.

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