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The Grand Audition
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Breath of the Ocean Virtuoso
Comments and Score Breakdown
Barieuph lost_keeper Shroudie Reader Average Total
Theme 10 8 9 8.095 35.095
Remix 31 33 30 26.286 120.286
Creativity 44 38 38 33.095 153.095
Production 8 9 10 7.190 34.190
Total 93 88 87 74.667 342.667
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barieuph: Time's Scar is a great choice and personally one of my favorite's of Mitsuda. I like how you set up the beginning of the remix, introducing the "waves." Interestingly you chose to go in reverse from the original recording, introducing the theme from the second portion and then the first, coming back to the second afterwards. Your manipulation of the themes is great, and I can definitely hear the movement of the waves. Very Creative mix, that takes attempts at something new instead of reinventing what we've heard before. Like the others I would like a little more depth in your piano sound, but this is a great remix. Bravo!

lost_keeper:'Time's Scar' is a really gorgeous song, but also a very popular one, so I deducted 2 points from Theme for that. My only real gripe about this piece is about the scaling notes near the end; they are really loud, which only distracts from your melody. Other than that, this piece is solid and creative.

shroudie: Second favorite. Scars of Time as a very soft and relaxing piece. Very whimsical and innovative.

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