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The Grand Audition
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The Majestic Aura of Life Alex Martinez
Comments and Score Breakdown
barieuph lost_keeper Shroudie Reader Average Total
Theme 10 10 10 7.810 37.810
Remix 26 30 18 22.143 96.143
Creativity 38 32 37 26.048 133.048
Production 8 10 9 5.619 32.619
Total 82 82 74 61.619 299.619
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barieuph: This is a great tune, good choice. I feel that you could have chosen to do more with the remix in terms of allowing the mix to stand alone from the original. However, this seems to be the problem with remixing in general as we try not to simply Transcribe, but also try not to deviate too much from the Norm. Very creative solo piano rock feeling, and the electric sound is nice, however it sounds as though it's missing a little depth.

lost_keeper: 'Time Circuits' is one of my favorite Chrono Trigger tracks. I just absolutely love how you played around with this song without having to change it drastically or making it barely recognizable. However, with that being said, I'd have to say you played it quite safe, and hadn't tried to really shake things up. Your sound quality is top notch.

shroudie: Overall very good, but is lacking a spark to really make this stand out as a remix rather than just a piano rendition. Production is a bit off too, but that's just my opinion.

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