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The Grand Audition
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Comments and Score Breakdown
barieuph lost_keeper Shroudie Reader Average Total
Theme 10 10 5 7.619 32.619
Remix 29 30 30 23.000 112.000
Creativity 39 35 38 32.762 144.762
Production 7 6 6 8.429 27.429
Total 85 81 79 71.810 316.810
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barieuph: The first thing that strikes me is the fact that the sound is slightly swollowed and there is a bit of bleeding. Some of the transition work is a little long, and takes away from the remix. Remember we are still supposed to be listening to the songs from the medley. Your piano work for each portion of the medley is nice, but the length of the song works against you. All in all a very creative effort, with some great ideas that would have been more successful had the song been a bit shorter. I enjoyed the selections used within the medley.

lost_keeper: This piece I find difficult to judge because, first off, it's a medley and not one particular song and not of one particular game. So I'd have to approach this one a little differently and judge it by how well each song held together and transitioned into the next. Transitions could have been smoother, as at times, the emotions the entire piece was suppose to capture left me confused as to what I'm suppose to feel. However, each song was well remixed; if they were individual pieces, it would have been much better.

shroudie: Really hard to get a feel of what the song was supposed to be right off the bat, I finally realized it about 1/3 of the way through. Very nice remix, but perhaps a little to overmixed. Pretty long too, I was kind of wondering when it would end.

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