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The Grand Audition
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Frenetic Concerto Virtuoso
Comments and Score Breakdown
Barieuph Macstorm Ish Reader Average Total
Theme 7 8 10 7 32
Remix 29 23 32 22 106
Creativity 36 34 40 28 138
Production 10 8 8 7 32
Total 82 73 90 64 309
309 - Second Place
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Barieuph: The source isn't very popular but it is essentially the main melodic materical for wind waker. The remix employs some interesting instrumentation, and how liquid the melodies and changes are really the shining points of this mix. That aside, there is a point where we lose a bit of the remix, especially during the strings and the arpeggios. It doesn't even sound as if we could be listening to the same song. Very Creative, and nice sounds.

Macstorm: Frenetic Concerto was very original, so much so that it could have been a complete new piece instead of a remix. Pulling from the lesser know stuff in Wind Waker is a great idea, but in reality it was hard to find the original piece. The sound quality and creativity were really impressive though.

Ish: Started off really slowly and a little boring, but once the speed kicked in, I loved this piece. Too slow at the beginning, though.

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