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The Grand Audition
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Skull Dungeon Tom Plets
Comments and Score Breakdown
Barieuph Macstorm Ish Reader Average Total
Theme 9 8 10 7 34
Remix 24 21 32 20 97
Creativity 33 30 34 24 121
Production 10 8 7 8 33
Total 76 67 83 59 285
285 - Fourth Place
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Barieuph: I have never played this game so it was refreshing to hear something from it. The Gameboy games don't see as much remixing love. The techno feeling is there, but I feel like you get so caught up in making it a techno dance song that it really doesn't remix as much. There is a lot of creativity here, but it still feels as if it's lacking that oomph. Sound was great.

Macstorm: Skull Dungeon came from an extremely lesser known piece from Oracle of Ages. The piece was well-mixed, but never really built up as much as I was feeling that it would. Overall, a very nice piece, but it left me wanting a little more variety.

Ish: Cool peppy remix, but very repetitive and can get grating.

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